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80th FIDE Congress: 2009 Executive Board Minutes and Annexes
Wednesday, 16 December 200980th FIDE Congress: 2009 Executive Board Minutes and Annexes

FIDE publishes the Minutes and Annexes of the Executive Board meeting that was held from 11 to 18 October 2009 in Halkidiki, Greece.

Download the Minutes in PDF format.


1. Auditors report.
2. Annual accounts for 2008.
3. Notes to annual accounts.
4. Updated income and expenditure report for 2009.
5. Permanent Fund report.
6. Verification Commission report.
7. Final draft of Calendar administration rules and planner.
7A. Calendar Planer.
8. Proposal on FIDE meetings.
9. Proposal regarding changes in electoral regulations.
10. Proposal regarding registrations, transfers and participation in FIDE Competitions.
11. Proposal to create a Chess Commission for Social Projects.
12. List of proposed list of titles.
12A. Additional list of titles.
13. Proposals to Qualification Commission from General Secretary I. Leong.
14. Proposal to modify the international title regulations.
15. List of proposed Arbiters titles.
15A. Additional list of proposed Arbiters titles.
16. Proposal in respect of team managers.
17. Report from WADA on Compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.
18. Proposal and correspondence regarding the restructure of Olympiads.
19. Proposal of B. Balgabaev and E. Dubov tables.
20. Proposal from Mrs. A. Kosteniuk.
21. Proposal on financial regulations pertaining to chess events.
22. Proposal on World Team Championships.
23. Proposal regarding seminars for newly elected Presidents of Federations.
24. Proposal regarding players and officials endorsement by respective National Federations.
25. Bid from Polish Chess Federation for 82nd FIDE Congress 2011.
26. Letter from Estonian Chess Federation regarding the World Cup 2011.
27. Regulations for Candidates Matches 2010.
28. Chief Arbiter`s report for FIDE World Challengers match.
29. Bid from Turkish Chess Federation for Women`s Team Championship 2011.
30. Bid from the Brazilian Chess Federation for World Youth Championships 2011.
31. Bid from Turkish Chess Federation 2010 World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad.
32. Bid from Polish Chess Federation for World Schools Individual Championship 2011.
33. Letter from the Russian Chess Federation.
34. Chief Arbiter`s report for the 2009 Women`s World Team Championship.
35. Letter from WADA re anti-doping tests in World Championships.
36. ICCF report.
37. Report of Continental President for Americas.
38. Proposal of the Norwegian Chess Federation.
39. Application for FIDE Membership from Mali Chess Federation.
40. Application for FIDE Membership from Guyana Chess Federation.
41. Report from Executive Director on the 2009 SportAccord meeting.
42. Arbiters` Commission meeting minutes. (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2)
42A. ASEP meeting minutes.
43. Trainers` commission meeting minutes.
44. Bid from the All India Chess Federation to organise World Junior and Girls U-20 Championship 2011.
45. Women`s Chess Commission meeting minutes.
46. Chess in Schools Commission minutes.
47. Report of Continental President for Africa.
48. World Club Cup 2010 proposal.
49. Rules and Tournaments Regulations Commission minutes.
50. Technical Administration Panel report. (Appendix)
51. Constitutional Commission report.
52. Technical Commission report.
53. Development CACDEC Commission report. (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3)
54. Medical Commission report.
55. Swiss Pairings Programme Commission report.
56. Bid from Barbados Chess Federation to host the World Amateur Championship 2011.
57. Verification Commission minutes.
58. Qualification Commission report. (Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3 / Appendix 4 / Appendix 5)
59. Events Commission report.
60. Report of Continental President for Asia.
61. Report of Continental President for Europe.
62. Agreement of Shareholders of Chess News Corporation between Chess Lane SA and FIDE.
63. Report of Continental President for Americas.
64. Ethics Commission report.
65. Budget for 2010.
66. Letter from the Prime Minister of Bulgaria.