International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 10 Apr 2024 16:05
FIDE Candidates 2024 chess set auctioned

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of chess history! We are thrilled to announce the auction of the chess set used in the prestigious FIDE Candidates Tournaments. 

The iconic sets were designed by Pentagram for the World Chess and have been used in FIDE’s most prestigious events - from the World Championship Matches, to the Candidates for over a decade. 

This is the actual set Candidates play with in Toronto - after the event it will be signed by all the participants and sent to the highest bidder. 

The board, played on by the world’s top chess minds in the biggest tournament of the year, is adorned with the signatures of all 16 participants. This is sure to be a historic time for chess, and this auction gives you the chance to keep a piece of the Candidates with you. 

You can place your bid here.