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2021 1st FIDE Online Council Agenda and Commissions reports/proposals
Friday, 04 June 20212021 1st FIDE Online Council Agenda and Commissions reports/proposals

FIDE publishes the Agenda of the 1st FIDE Online Council Meeting which was held on April 19, 2021.

Download Agenda (pdf)


Annex 7.1.1a, Annex 7.1.1b  Arbiters’ Commission’s proposals

Annex 7.2.1 Events Commission’s report

Annex 7.2.2 Events Commission’s proposal regarding FIDE EVE World Championships in 2021

Annex 7.2.3 Events Commission’s proposal to postpone the FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championships 2021 to 2022

Annex 7.2.4a, Annex 7.2.4b Events Commission’s proposal regarding the Bidding Procedure for FIDE Events Commission (EVE) Online Tournaments

Annex 7.3 Planning and Development Commission’s report

Annex 7.4.1 Qualification Commission’s report

Annex 7.4.3 Proposal to reinstate the Qualification Commission’s control of the Regulations on Registration & Licensing of Player

Annex 7.5 Technical Commission’s report

Annex 7.6.1 Trainers' Commission’s report

Annex 7.6.2a Trainers’ Commission’s proposal 

Annex 7.7 Athletes Commission’s report

Annex 7.8 Fair Play Commission’s report