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90th FIDE Congress: 2020 FIDE Executive Board Minutes and Annexes
Monday, 20 April 202090th FIDE Congress: 2020 FIDE Executive Board Minutes and Annexes

FIDE publishes the Minutes of 2020 Executive Board meeting which was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on February 29th.

Download 2020 FIDE Executive Board minutes (pdf)

Annex 3.1        Report of the FIDE Treasurer 
Annex 3.2        FIDE Financial Statements for 2018 
Annex 3.3        Verification Commission report 
Annex 3.5        Budget 2020 
Annex 4.1        Report of Continental Association for Europe 
Annex 4.2        Report of Continental Association for Americas 
Annex 4.4        Report of Continental Association for Africa 
Annex 5.2        Arbiters' Commission report (ARB) 
Annex 5.3        Chess in Education Commission report (EDU) 
Annex 5.4        Commission for the Disabled report (DIS) 
Annex 5.5        Commission for Women's Chess report (WOM) 
Annex 5.7        Ethics Commission report (ETH) 
Annex 5.8        Events Commission report (EVE) 
Annex 5.8.3     Bids for World Senior Team Championship 50+ and 65+ 2021 (Italy and Russia) 
Annex 5.8.4     Bids for World Senior Championships 2021 (Malta and Russia) 
Annex 5.8.5     Bids for World Amateur Championship 2021 (Italy and Malta)
Annex 5.8.6     Bid for World Junior and Girls U-20 Championship 2021 (Italy) 
Annex 5.8.7     Bids for World Youth Championships U-14, U-16, U-18 2021 (Italy and Russia) 
Annex 5.8.8     Bid for World Cadet Championship U-8, U-10, U-12 2021 (Egypt) 
Annex 5.8.9     Bids for World Cadet & Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships U-8,10,12 2021 (Croatia and Georgia) 
Annex 5.9        Fair Play Commission report (FPL) 
Annex 5.10      Global Strategy Commission report (GSC) 
Annex 5.11      Medical Commission report (MED) 
Annex 5.12      Online Commission report (OLC) 
Annex 5.13      Planning and Development Commission report (PDC) 
Annex 5.14      Qualification Commission report (QC) 
Annex 5.15      Rules Commission report (RC) 
Annex 5.17      Systems of Pairings and Programs report (SPP) 
Annex 5.18      Technical Commission report (TEC) 
Annex 5.19      Trainers' Commission report (TRG) 
Annex 5.20      Data protection GDPR 
Annex 8.1        Chess ID 
Annex 8.3        Fischer Random Chess 
Annex 8.4        Athletes Commission