International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020 18:22
FIDE distributes an additional €21,000 among veterans

After carefully considering the numerous applications received, the special panel appointed by the FIDE Council decided that these will be the 10 chess players, coaches, and promoters who will benefit from FIDE's support to chess veterans:

GM Rafael Vaganian (Armenia)
IM Anatoly Bykhovsky (Russia)
WGM Lyudmila Saunina (Russia)
IA Viktor Kart (Ukraine/Germany)
WGM Lidia Semenova (Ukraine)
Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)
IM Raimundo Garcia (Argentina)
IM Rico Yap Mascarinas (Philippines)
IM Michael Basman (England)
GM Włodzimierz Schmidt (Poland)

A total of €21.000 will be distributed among these seniors. This second package of financial aid is added to the €35,000 that has already been distributed in April 2020, totaling a record €56.000.