International Chess Federation
Monday, 25 May 2020 17:29
FIDE QC on duration of leagues and national team championships


On 15th March, the FIDE Qualification Commission provided some guidance for events regarding the ongoing Coronavirus situation:

Earlier in May, we received a request from leagues in continental Europe about waiving rule 1.14 of the title regulations:

1.14  Leagues and national team championships may last longer than 90 days, but not more than one year.

In the current circumstances, QC is happy to waive 1.14 of the title regulations for leagues that started before the lockdown in their countries. Federations that wish to do this for their League should write to QC to make this request before they resume their season so that QC can compile a list of these leagues to aid with checking any title norms that may be achieved in these events. Doing this is not an obligation that the league will resume, and if the Federation decides to abandon their league season anyway at some point in the future, then they will still be free to do so.

National Federations should note that this exemption applies to any ongoing season only, and not any future season that has not yet started or been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the avoidance of doubt, please be assured that Nick Faulks (Chairman) and I both recused ourselves from voting for this rule to be waived, due to conflicts of interest. Voting on this proposal was restricted to the five other QC Councillors.

Alex Holowczak
QC Secretary