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Saturday, 16 May 2020 16:01
FIDE Council online meeting decisions


FIDE Council decisions

12th of May, 2020 (online-meeting)

OCM-2020/01 The Council approved the revised FIDE budget for 2020 proposed by MB. It was also noted that FIDE should closely monitor the financial state of national federations as an implication of pandemics with a further consideration by the Council if necessary.

OCM-2020/02 The Council thanked Swiss authorities for the financial support regarding salaries of FIDE staff and rental payments for the FIDE office in Lausanne.

OCM-2020/03 The Council approved the organization of online FIDE Council and other official and non-official meetings e.g. FIDE Zonal Council meetings and commission meetings. The Council noted a possibility to organize an online 2020 General Assembly.

OCM-2020/04 The Council noted that the second half of the FIDE Candidates Tournament shall be held later this year and appreciated the commitment of Yekaterinburg partners to host the event.

OCM-2020/05 The Council noted that the opening of World EXPO 2020 is confirmed to move to the fourth quarter of 2021 under the same name and with the same organizer, who expressed a clear commitment to host the World Championship Match with the dates and terms to be reconfirmed in a due course.

OCM-2020/06 The Council approved shifting the Chess Olympiad 2020 to the next year, to be held at the same locations in Russia and within the same time frame as per FIDE Statement dated March 25th, 2020.

OCM-2020/07 The Council took note of the President's information on the preparations for the 2022 Olympiad. The Council requested the Belarus Chess Federation to provide the final information on the decision of the Belarus authorities about holding the 2022 Chess Olympiad in Minsk till the end of May 2020.

OCM-2020/08 The Council approved that in case of a negative reply from the Belarus authorities, FIDE shall reopen the bidding procedure for the 2022 Chess Olympiad for a period of three months.

OCM-2020/09 The Council noted that FIDE received one full bid for the 2024 Olympiad from Hungarian Chess Federation. Also, the Argentinian Chess Federation provided FIDE with a letter of intent with a promise to present the whole package with official guarantees by September 2020. The Council confirmed the high level of preparation of the Hungarian Chess Federation's bid for 2024 and approved remote checking of all related details with formal inspections to be held when the situation allows the visits. The Council also recommended this bid for the ratification by the General Assembly subject to satisfactory inspections.

OCM-2020/10 The Council noted that FIDE shall announce a bidding procedure for the World Cups 2022-2023.

OCM-2020/11 The Council approved to create a separate procedure for the e-vote, should there be a necessity to decide about the Olympiad host city before the official GA meeting. Mr. Rivello, Chairman of Constitutional Commission, will advise on the procedural aspects. In the case of this e-vote, national federations to be consulted and informed accordingly.

OCM-2020/12 The Council noted the information from FIDE President about the options for the timing of the last stage of the Women’s Grand-Prix series.

OCM-2020/13 The Council requested the Events Commission to provide by the 1st of July an update regarding the respective 2020 World Championships and inform which events shall be moved to 2021 taking into account both the interests of the organizers of 2020-2021 tournaments and limitations related to the pandemics, including travel restrictions and budget constraints.

OCM-2020/14 The Council approved the following online events to be organized by FIDE:

- Steinitz memorial (regulations have been approved before);
- Checkmate Coronavirus (regulations to be approved by MB);
- Online Olympiad, including the players with disabilities (30 teams, President asked for the suggestions regarding 2 wildcards);
- competitions for players with disabilities;
- knock-out competitions with shorter time format.

The Council agreed that FIDE needs a massive anti-cheating work before proceeding with official FIDE online events. FIDE is ready to fight it in cooperation with major chess online platforms.

OCM-2020/15 The final regulations of the respective events will be approved by the Council in the near future following the suggestions from the Council members, in particular regarding a possible qualification stage for Online Olympiad.

OCM-2020/16 The Council requested MB to provide information regarding media coverage of FIDE online activities and intensify the respective promotion efforts, including by the improvement in the quality of video coverage of FIDE events. The Council welcomed the development of a new visual standard for top FIDE events.

OCM-2020/17 The Council noted the Continental reports and supported online activities run by the Continents.

OCM-2020/18 The Council approved the new Commissions composition in principle. Council members have been requested to provide comments and proposals regarding personal composition of the commissions.

OCM-2020/19 The Council approved the liquidation of the Online Commission conditional on the creation of a clear operational framework for managing and supporting FIDE online activities.

OCM-2020/20 The Council approved the creation of the Athletes’ Commission. Council members have been requested to provide comments on possible procedures for the selection of members and on the regulations for the Athletes’ Commission

OCM-2020/21 The Council has acknowledged the decisions by the President to appoint the new Chairs for the Planning and Development Commission and the Social Commission.

OCM-2020/22 The Council approved MB efforts to kick-off the Chess ID project and noted that the details of the outsourcing procedures will be sent to the members shortly.

OCM-2020/23 The Council noted the proposals regarding honorary GM titles.

OCM-2020/24 The Council resolved to hold the next online Council meeting (regular quarterly meeting) in June 2020.