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Tuesday, 02 Jul 2024 16:08
FIDE World Senior Team Championship 2024 kicks off in Krakow, Poland

A record-breaking 32 Grandmasters gather in Krakow, Poland, as the FIDE World Senior Team Chess Championship 2024 kicks off in this beautiful European city, with its iconic Market Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The championship opening ceremony took place at the renowned Słowacki Theatre, one of Poland's distinguished playhouses operating since 1893.

The event brought together 65 teams and 307 players from all over the world, boasting the highest number of Grandmasters playing in a chess competition on Polish soil this year.

The ceremony attracted prominent chess figures, local officials, and celebrities, including Gunnar Björnsson (FIDE delegate), Radoslaw Jedynak (President of the Polish Chess Federation), Kamila Kałużna-Turcza (chair of the organizing committee), and Hanna Ereńska-Barlo (the first Polish WGM).

City officials expressed their pride in hosting the event during FIDE's centenary year. "We are very proud and pleased that Krakow was chosen to host this tournament during the FIDE 100 anniversary year," said Janusz Kozioł, plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Krakow.

Lukasz Turlej, FIDE Secretary General, said a few beautiful words about Krakow: "Krakow is known as a City of Kings. We are proud to see the World Team Senior Chess Championship coming here in this special year of FIDE's 100th anniversary."

The ceremony continued with the Polish national anthem followed by the FIDE anthem. Guests were treated to a performance by a Historical Krakowian Dancing Group and a special FIDE 100th Anniversary Movie.

Lukasz Turlej closed the ceremony by presenting FIDE 100 medals to Kamila Kałużna-Turcza and Janusz Kozioł. After the official part, everyone went for refreshments in the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre.

A few words should be said about the tournament's investors and partners. The event is played with the honorable support of the Ministry of Sport and several partners: the City of Krakow, Mokate, Chess Grow, Sunrise, Galaxy Hotel, and the Polish Chess Federation. 

Photos: Michal Walusza and Mark Livshitz