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Friday, 10 May 2024 10:54
World School Championship: Goodbye, Peru 2024

The World School Chess Championship 2024 in Peru has come to a close, but the memories and lessons learned will continue to inspire young minds. Held in six age groups (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) with separate events for open and girls' categories, the competition in the Constitutional Province of Callao in Lima brought together 1,169 participants from 26 countries.

After nine rounds of exciting chess, we know all the champions and top finishers. Local players enjoyed a very successful event, collecting a total of 12 medals. Peruvians led the way with three gold, three silver, and six bronze medals. Mongolia also claimed three gold medals, but with only one silver and one bronze. The USA and Paraguay each boasted two gold medals, while Paraguay, Colombia, and Kazakhstan also had champions.

The closing ceremony was attended by Guido Flores Marchan, President of the IPD (Peruvian Sports Institute); Ciro Castillo Rojo, President of the Government of Callao; Ozgur Solakoglu, Inspector of Fide; Jaime Ortega, President of the Peruvian Federation of Chess and Victor Pimentel, Organizer of the Chess World Cup (pictured above, left to right).

Champions Podium

U07 Open

1. Uchral Bayarsaikhan (Mongolia)
2. Mamani Choque Adler Esau (Bolivia)
3.  Vargas Mojica Axel Fabian (Bolivia)

U07 Girls

1.  Az-Erdene Nyamdavaa (Mongolia)
2. Meegoda M D Vinuthi Siyansa  (Sri Lanka)
3. Chavez Mendoza Amiled Aleska (Perú)

U09  Open

1. Guntaka, Aayansh (USA)
2. Manchanda, Advik (USA)
3. Nabiyev, Imán (Kazakhstan)

U09 Girls

1. Nandinjiguur Chinzorig (Mongolia)
2. Comas Bermeo Emilie (Colombia)
3. Tunque Mamani Camila Valeria (Perú)

U11 Open

1. Vinales Gonzalez Enzo Mathias (Paraguay)
2. Humpire Quispe Uriel Gustavo (Perú)
3. Gallegos Quispe Daniel Paolo (Perú)

U11 Girls

1. Mandujano Alagon Ghaydaa Ceneth  (Perú)
2. Machacca Mina Adamaris Luciana (Perú)
3. Urangoo Myadagbal (Mongolia)

U13 Open

1. Yang Maxwell (USA)
2. Martinez Flores Matias (Mexico)
3. FM Munoz Ramos Christopher (Chile)

U13 Girls

1. WCM Altynbek, Aiaru (Kazakhstan)
2. Mollo Figueroa, Nicole (Bolivia)
3. WCM Buyankhishig, Batpelden (Mongolia)

U15 Open

1. FM  Caceres Benitez Arturo Eduardo (Paraguay)
2. FM  Sodbilegt Naranbold (Mongolia)
3. Jimenez Espinola Herles Hazael (Perú)

U15 Girls

1. Torres Ccahuay Dayana Nievevska (Perú)
2. Toala Velez Dayra Jamileth (Ecuador)
3. WCM Herrada Blanco Maria  Fernanda (Perú)

U17 Open

1. FM  Campos Gomez Manuel (Colombia)
2. Garzon Zapatanga Christopher Leonel (Ecuador)
3. Salazar Flores Yerick Alexander (Perú)

U17 Girls

1. WIM Bravo Mallco Kate Azumi (Perú)
2.  WFM Contreras Huaman Fiorella (Perú)
3. WFM Jimenez Salas Maria Teresa (Perú)

This edition of the World School Championship became possible thanks to the "joyful effort" by IO Víctor Pimentel Mendoza that began in Sicuani in 2013. Referees, delegates, staff, and volunteers, all working under the protection of the flame lit 100 years ago by FIDE and the Peruvian state, successfully held this global chess forum in Peru.

Written by Rodolfo Valentino Cabrera Huaman and Patricia Claros Aguilar

Photos: Patricia Claros Aguilar