International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 23 Apr 2024 10:23
Registration for 45th Chess Olympiad is now open

The 45th Chess Olympiad, organized by the International Chess Federation, the Hungarian Chess Federation and the National Event Management Agency, will take place from September 10-23 in Budapest, one of chess strongholds. Approximately 190 countries are expected to participate in the event hosted by the BOK Sports and Conference Centre.

Registration for the 45th Chess Olympiad is open for national federations from April 18 to July 10. 937 men and 800 women, in 188 and 162 teams respectively, participated in the previous 44th Chess Olympiad, in Chennai, India. To promote gender equality, the Hungarian Federation, national federations and FIDE strive to increase women's team participation.

The Budapest Chess Olympiad is supported by the Government of Hungary. Dr. Ádám Schmidt, State Secretary for Sport, said about the event: “Hungary has had a lot of great chess players. I am delighted that we can welcome the greatest players in the world in the autumn. In sports governance, it is our aim to ensure that international sports events held in Hungary have a long-term positive impact on sports in Hungary. I hope that Hungarian chess can benefit from the attention sparked by the Chess Olympiad, and we can reach even broader audiences with this special sport.”

Besides the competition, cultural and educational programs, including introductory chess sessions for children, will be available to the public. The FIDE Congress and celebrations for FIDE's 100th anniversary will also take place in Budapest during the 45th Chess Olympiad.

“The Chess Olympiad represents the pinnacle of team chess events, an honor granted only to the best chess players. The opening of the registration process for teams marks the beginning of the final phase of preparation for this great event, as the drumbeats of excitement begin to sound louder. We hope the players and federations are ready, and we trust that the organizers will provide them with all the support they need. With this year's Chess Olympiad scheduled to take place in one of the chess capitals of the world, Budapest, we are confident that it will be a memorable experience for all participants! It is with great excitement and anticipation that we look forward to September, when the chess world will gather in Hungary - the country which has given and continues to give so much to chess,” said Arkady Dvorkovich, President of FIDE.  

The 45th Chess Olympiad will be held in the BOK Sports and Conference Centre, a state-of-the-art sports hall that has hosted many prestigious events, including the 2019 Hungarian Athletics Indoor Championships, the 2019 World Fencing Championships and the 2022 European Wrestling Championships.

This momentous chess event with international appeal expects 2,000 players from 190 countries. Participants and guests can explore Budapest during the two weeks of the competition, boosting tourism.

“There is no greater honor for a sport than to host its most prestigious competition in its own country. I see that the Chess Olympiad movement is strengthening unity in our sport, and it is our goal that everyone who wants to be a part of this joyful, global event can find their role and place, either in the organization and implementation of the Olympiad or in a lead-up event or a satellite programme. The preparations for the Chess Olympiad have electrified the chess community, and the top players are getting ready; as the host country, we can have two men's and two women's teams instead of 1 each, and we will also have a U25 team – we hope this will be a truly memorable experience for these young players,” Dr Zoltán Polyánszky, President of the Hungarian Chess Federation said about the 45th Chess Olympiad.

Organized by the National Event Management Agency with federation cooperation, this global competition guarantees high quality. CEO of the organization, Dr Mátyás Falvai, said: “Chess has a long tradition in Hungary. Almost 100 years ago, the Hungarian team won the first and the second official Chess Olympiad. This inspires us not just to provide everything for a well-organized competition but also to show the keen interest Hungarians have in chess as a sport.”

The 2024 Chess Olympiad will honor Hungarian chess heritage, welcoming players worldwide to compete in this strategic and intellectual game. The Hungarian public will have a unique opportunity to learn about chess and witness star players in action.