International Chess Federation
Monday, 22 Apr 2024 22:17
Update on FIDE Resolution on suspending membership of Egyptian Chess Federation

Following the FIDE Resolution of March 6, 2024, on suspending the membership of the Egyptian Chess Federation (ECF), FIDE is pleased to report a significant progress. FIDE received a partial payment towards resolving the debt that led to the suspension. 

In this regard, FIDE extends its gratitude to the Egyptian National Olympic Committee and personally to Dr Ashraf Sobhy, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Egypt, Eng. Yasser Edris, President of the Egyptian National Olympic Committee, and Eng. Sharif El Erian, Secretary General of the Egyptian National Olympic Committee. Also, FIDE thanks for their hard work and cooperation Interim Committee which leads Egyptian Chess Federation now: GM Ahmed Adly, (Chairman), WIM Dr. Eman Elansary (member), IA Mohamed Abdelaal (member).

It is assumed that the repayment schedule for the remaining debt will be signed by the parties no later than May 31, 2024. Despite this, FIDE will begin partial payments to all affected federations in the next two weeks, that will be proportional to total amount of the funds received from the Egypt Federation. All refunds will be made based on the FIDE Regulations in force at the time of the 2023 World Championship. The procedure for imposing strict sanctions on those responsible for this situation, primarily on the former President of the Federation, Mr. Hesham Elgendy, continues and will be fully implemented.
Taking into account this updated situation and the efforts made, FIDE decided to fully restore the rights of the federation, including the rights to organize tournaments, the right of players to perform under the Egyptian flag etc and recognise the Interim Committee as legitimate Federation’s Representative.