International Chess Federation
Thursday, 18 Apr 2024 20:53
FIDE elevates chess standards improving regulations for arbiters

The FIDE Arbiters Commission announces significant advancements in the guidelines governing stipends for chess arbiters participating in flagship events

This proactive initiative underscores FIDE's long-term commitment to enhancing the standardization of the compensation process, ensuring fair remuneration and more favorable conditions for all arbiters.

FIDE has outlined 28 key international events, detailing their duration, structure, and arbiters' reimbursements based on multiple criteria, including, among others, tournament category, days and length of involvement. Roles covered by these regulations include the Chief Arbiter, their Deputy, the Pairings Officer, and other arbiters participating in an event, thereby ensuring clarity and consistency.

A notable aspect of these regulations is the introduction of standardized reimbursement rates for local arbiters at the Grand Swiss and the World Championship Team tournament, where they will be reimbursed 1,200 euros and 800 euros, respectively.

The improvements in the regulations also refer to the travel and full-board accommodation costs, ensuring arbiters' seamless participation in tournaments worldwide.

Ivan Syrovy, Chairman of the FIDE Arbiters Commission, emphasized the significance of these changes: "Arbiters play an essential role in the smooth execution of chess tournaments. One of the important areas for us was the role and conditions for match and local arbiters. With this in mind, the costs associated with their involvement have been meticulously outlined and made transparent to all. FIDE's proactive measures are poised to establish an elevated standard for other chess organizations, adding even more transparency in criteria and reimbursements for chess arbiters."

You can find more details in the FIDE Handbook.