International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 15 Feb 2023 11:20
FIDE joins the Sport Integrity Global Alliance

Last week, at its General Assembly, the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) unanimously approved FIDE's application to become a full member of the organization. 

SIGA is an independent not-for-profit that was founded with one goal: To ensure the sports industry is governed under the highest integrity standards, free from any form of unethical, illicit, and criminal activity, safeguarding sports values and ensuring its positive impact and benefits to all citizens.

"Joining such a prestigious sports organization as a member is an excellent opportunity to improve even further FIDE's governance. This opportunity is also a challenge: while much progress has been made in recent years, we can make FIDE a more robust organization under SIGA's guidance and scrutiny, as they have the highest standards in the industry of sports", said the FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich. "We are grateful that our membership has been unanimously approved at their General Assembly, and we will do our utmost to comply with their requirements", he added.

Founded in 2017 by 20 major sports organizations (sports bodies, governments, anti-corruption NGOs, inter-governmental organizations, and commercial partners), today, SIGA is the largest independent and neutral multi-stakeholder coalition in sports governance and integrity. With over 100 members, committed supporters and partners from the world of sport, government, international organizations, business, and civil society, SIGA pursues a critical mission: to advance the adoption, implementation, monitoring and independent assessment of Universal Standards on Sports Integrity in four key areas:

  1. Good Governance in Sport;
  2. Financial Integrity and Transparency in Sport;
  3. Sports Betting Integrity; and
  4. Youth Development and Protection.

SIGA delivers independent global rating and certification for world Sport to ensure it is governed and operates under the highest integrity standards: The SIGA Universal Standards.

Besides that, the establishment of SIGA's Independent Rating and Verification System (SIRVS), operated by an independent third party, oversees the implementation of key reforms is the game changer that will give those that invest in sport certainty that the sports properties they support in are governed to the highest integrity standards.

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