International Chess Federation
Wednesday, 16 Feb 2022 11:06
FIDE introduces the use of electronic scoresheets in cooperation with Clono

The International Chess Federation has approved allowing the use of Clono electronic scoresheet to record the moves of the games at official chess competitions, in replacement of traditional, paper-based scoresheets.

The Clono scoresheet app runs on a tablet, and the input is done on a graphical chess board where the scoresheet is presented in standard algebraic format.

The system offers smooth integration with other existing tools. For instance, it can automatically create a tournament profile with tournament info, time control, groups and players, simply importing the tournament xml-file directly from the tournament management service. It can receive the player’s and game info, pushed directly from the pairing program. Likewise, Clono can send the PGN live feed to its own broadcast server and multigame viewer, as well as to third party websites.

FIDE and Clono have agreed to cooperate for the purposes of developing and digitalizing chess in the work frame of the Chess-ID project. For the time being, the agreement has a non-commercial nature, and the aim is to lower the threshold for the chess community to use the new system.