International Chess Federation
Monday, 10 Jan 2022 17:25
Decisions of 2021 FIDE General Assembly


28 December 2021

FIDE General Assembly


GA-2021/1 To note the Constitutional Commission report.

GA-2021/2 To approve the proposal of Mr. Rivello not to elect three Scrutineers.

GA-2021/3 To approve the Report of the FIDE Treasurer.

GA-2021/4 To approve the Verification Commission’s report.

GA-2021/5 To appoint Ernst & Young as External Auditor for an annual audit of FIDE accounts for 2021.

GA-2021/6 To discharge the Treasurer from the responsibilities for the financial year 2020.

GA-2021/7 To approve 2022 Budget. 

GA-2021/8 To approve the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Chess Federation as a new member-federation of FIDE.

GA-2021/9 To approve the Niger Chess Federation as a new member-federation of FIDE.

GA-2021/10 To approve the Dominica Chess Federation as a new member-federation of FIDE.

GA-2021/11 To approve the Belize Chess Federation as a new member-federation of FIDE.

GA-2021/12 To note the letter of the Ukrainian Chess Federation regarding rapid & blitz ratings of Mr. Ihor Kobylianskyi (FIDE ID 14106329) and Mr. Iuri Shkuro (FIDE ID 14108836) and to support FIDE Council decision regarding this matter dated December 27 2021. 

GA-2021/13 Not to approve Papua New Guinea Chess Federation's proposals regarding Associate Member Federations and regarding FIDE Charter amendment (Article 9.4). 

GA-2021/14 To approve the FIDE Electoral Rules.

GA-2021/15 To approve the Ethics and Disciplinary Code.

GA-2021/16 To approve the General Assembly Internal Rules.

GA-2021/17 To note Continental reports.

GA-2021/18 To approve the following FIDE Award: the title of the FIDE Honorary Member to Mr. Andrei Filatov, President of the Chess Federation of Russia.

GA-2021/19 To approve amendments to the Laws of Chess regarding electronic scoresheets (effective from August 1, 2022). To grant the right to the FIDE Council to approve the necessary clarifications on this issue based on suggestions of the Rules Commission.