International Chess Federation
Tuesday, 04 May 2021 13:02
Rafael Araque wins first hybrid tournament in the Americas

The chess federations of Panama, Puerto Rico, and Colombia joined efforts to run the Hybrid Invitational Chess Tournament of Puerto Rico (April 30 – May 02), the first competition in the Americas held in the hybrid format.

This new format, presented and approved by FIDE at the beginning of the year, implies that the games are played online, but the participants are physically present in a public place like a club, federation headquarters, hotel, etc. It is expected to be a good alternative to keep chess players active and alleviate the negative impact caused by the global epidemic.

The 5-round Swiss tournament with classical time control brought together 30 players (10 per federation). The rating favourite Rafael Araque (Colombia) rose to the occasion and came out on top netting 4 out of 5 points.

A large group of players scored 3½ points and tied for second place with Diego Zilleruelo (Puerto Rico) finishing second thanks to a greater number of victories. Carlos Neira (Panama) is third on account of better Buchholz over his competitors.

Final standings:

1. Araque, Rafael (COL) – 4
2. Zilleruelo, Irizarry Diego (PUR) – 3½
3. Neira, Carlos (PAN) – 3½
4. Mendez, Andre (PAN) – 3½
5. Ramos, Efren Andres (PAN) – 3½
6. Fellman, Mike (PUR) – 3½
7. Diaz Montes, Edwin (PUR) – 3½
8. Otalora Pacheco, Carlos Eduardo     (COL) – 3½
9. Rojas Castillo, Leibnitz Edison (COL) – 3
10. Oquendo, Abel (PAN) – 3

Photo: Courtesy of the Puerto Rico Chess Federation