List of Annexes


1.Application for affiliation from the Chess Federation of Kosovo.

2.Report of the FIDE External Auditors, Messrs. Ernst & Young.

3A.Request of the Italian Chess Federation.

3B.Report of the Permanent Fund.

4.Preliminary Report of the Verification Commission.

4A.Proposal of Mr. Genden Altanoch of Mongolia.

5.Agenda of the Constitutional Committee.

6.Comments of Vice President M. Sand.

6A.Agenda of the Technical Commission.

7.Agenda of the Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee.

7A.Proposal on Change of Format for the Chess Olympiads.

8.Agenda of the Swiss Pairings Committee.

9.Query of the Hungarian Chess Federation on the Swiss Pairings Programs.

9A.Agenda of the Qualification Commission.

10. Exchange of Correspondence between the Hungarian Chess Federation and FIDE Rating Administrator on lowering the rating floor to 1000

10A.Agenda of the Arbiters` Council.

11.Documentation leading up to the cancellation of the Ponomariov-Kasparov World Championship Match 2003.

12.Proposal on the future cycles of the World Championships.

12A.Proposal of Continental President J. Vega.

12B.Agenda of the Organisers' Committee.

12C.Proposal of Continental President J. Vega regarding the Development program.

12D.Agenda for the CACDEC.

13.Proposal of the American Continent to set up chess centres.

14.Report of the Committee on Chess for the Disabled.

15.Report of the IPCA Committee.

15A.Proposal of the Chairman of the Computer and Internet Chess Committee.

15B.Report of the Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions.

15C.Proposal of Zone President H. Hamers on doping control.

15D.Proposal of the Turkish Chess Federation.

15E.Application of the Turkish Chess Federation.

16.Proposal of the British Chess Federation.

17.Proposal of the Slovak Chess Federation.

17A.Information regarding World Championship 2003 for Rapid Chess.

17B.Report of Executive Board member I. Gelfer.

18.Proposal of Messrs. G. Makropoulos and I. Gelfer.

18A.Bid of the Armenian Chess Federation for World Teams 2008.

19.Proposal of the British Chess Federation.