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F.02. Resolutions

Arrears in Payment


1980 Congress

The General Assembly agreed that federations that have not paid their dues before the Chess Olympiads, and that have not given reasons which satisfy the President, should be temporarily excluded.

1981 Congress

The General Assembly agreed with the guideline established by the Executive Council that debts should be paid three months before the two-yearly Chess Olympiads, and that final action lies with the President, who may use his discretion as to which course of action to take.

1983 Congress

The General Assembly agreed to implement on 1 July 1984 the ruling of the Executive Council (Alicante 1983) that:


A federation that is one year in arrears shall not receive services from the Secretariat and shall not bid for or organize any FIDE event;


A federation that is two years in arrears shall be temporarily excluded.

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